News and Analysis (5/15/18)

As  number of country’s expressed concern or horror over the Israeli massacre of 58 demonstrators and wounding of thousands in a single day, the “White House declined to join in urging Israel to exercise caution” and adopted the murderers’ line of blaming Hamas …

… while “the speakers at Monday’s ceremony marking the relocation of the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem included] a Christian leader with a history of hateful comments against Muslims, Mormons and gay people” and “who once said Jews can’t be saved”:

“Neighbours said there were no signs members of the family were planning the acts of violence that President Joko ‘Jokowi’ Widodo condemned as ‘barbaric’” …

… and an Indonesian Ph.D. student at Notre Dame says that “anti-Christian hatred will not be solved if we only approach it as an interreligious issue. The anti-Christian hatred also has to be dealt with as an issue of ethnic racism” …

.. while after two years examining and transcribing the document, experts at the counter-extremist group Quilliam have completed a meticulous appraisal of the extremists’ core textbook along with a robust theological rebuttal of its ‘twisted’ interpretation of Islamic teachings”:

The Texas Commission on Law Enforcement is unconcerned that police will be trained “by an ex-FBI agent who believes all Muslim groups “share the same ideology as ISIS”:

Like Rowe v. Wade, Islam takes a moderated position in the Ireland’s abortion debate, holding that before the 120th day “after conception … Islamic jurisprudence does not recognise the foetus as an unborn child”:

Trump’s withdrawal from the Iran Treaty may spark a nuclear arms race in the Middle East as Saudis warn they will seek nuclear weapons if they decide Iran has resumed a military nuclear program and Rick Perry  looks forward to helping the Saudi’s nuclear power development …

… “From the perspective of the leadership in Tehran, Iran and Europe against the US is a much better scenario than the US and Europe against Iran”:

“Secular buildings were the first target, but the government has also banned new ‘Arab style’ mosques, and there are plans to convert some of the existing ones to look like Chinese temples” as part of the effort to “actively guide religion to adapt to a socialist society”:

Freedom of speech includes a business’s right to expel you from the premises when the customer’s are offended by your speech:

“Though researchers don’t blame the president for inciting violence, they found a clear correlation between what he said and subsequent attack”:

“In previous years, participants had been known to chant “Death to the Arabs” and other racist slogans during the march”:






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