News and Analysis (5/27/18)

“The judge set a daily threshold of at least 2,600 calories in his emergency order … [writing] that even if the men received sufficient food on some days, there was evidence that they have not received enough every day”:

To the tyrants of Abu Dhabi, “Emirati intellectuals and activists [who] petitioned … for the United Arab Emirates‘ National Council be democratically elected and granted full legislative powers” are terrorists deserving heavy prison sentences and even revocation of citizenship:

Telling the young men that McDonald’s cuisine was too good for Muslims, the attacker allegedly blamed the Muslim exchange students from Egypt for the death of his son, an American soldier “killed in combat in Afghanistan”:

Salah overcomes Islamophobia by being himself, a winner who “wears a beard, speaks English with a heavy accent, and is openly devout. After he scores, he prostrates himself on the field, and, less noticeably, raises his index finger up in shahadah,” in testimony to the oneness of God …

…. and while “other big name footballers pose beside their new Lamborghini and flaunt a blinged-up Versace lifestyle, Salah spends his money building schools and Mosques in the Egyptian village he comes from and pays for the dialysis machines in the local hospital”:

Except for  “those who had served in Helmand province, scene of some of the toughest fighting in Afghanistan, between specific dates, December 2011 and December 2012” and their dependents,  “not a single Afghan has been relocated … to protect them from revenge and reprisals” :

“Egypt has opened the Rafah border crossing to Gaza during the month of Ramadan. But as thousands seek to leave the tiny Hamas-controlled territory, bureaucracy at the border has made passage slow and costly”:

In “what could be only the second democratic transfer of power in the nuclear-armed country’s history … former cricket star Imran Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party … vowed Sunday to oust the country’s ‘corrupt’ rulers”:






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