News and Analysis (5/6/18)

“Benjamin Netanyahu’s stage performance about Iran seeking a nuclear weapon not only was based on old material, but evidence shows it was fabricated too”:

Israel’s recent killing of seven Iranians provoked a vow of “Iranian retaliation is hundred percent certain but at a time, place and manner of its choice”:

After a shotgun was fired at their store sign, a “torrent of kindness and good wishes has helped to wash away the fear”:

“There is this really safe space for women to come together and talk about issues that are important to them, whether it’s mental health, sexual health, things that are often taboo. Love it, love the sisterhood, love the energy. I learn so much about our religion this way”:

Ken Isaacs’s assertion, “I do not believe that Islam is a violent religion” flies n the face of both his previous statements and his current position as vice president of programs and government relations at Islamophobe Franklin Graham’s Samaritan’s Purse:

“Kill all Muslims, do not spare even an infant, they are dogs” was posted on Facebook six days before “hundreds of Muslim families … watched their homes ransacked and their businesses set on fire” and “was allowed to remain online afterward in violation of Facebook standards …

… Anti-Muslim bigotry “seems to be the unifying cause [that Neo-Confederate, White Nationalist, anti-immigrant, and armed anti-government] hate groups can rally around and engage in on the social media platform”:

Turkey’s Foreign Minister said that measures to “block the sale of major defense equipment” pending completion of Defense Dept. report on “”a report on the relationship between the United States and Turkey” are “wrong, illogical and not fitting between the NATO allies”:

Although Trump  calls current crude oil prices “artificially Very High!”,.oil executives who drill the Permian basin in Texas … love oil at $75 a barrel…. [at which] they can fund ongoing expansion in the shale fields of the USA without attracting every trailer-toting roughneck with a rig”:






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