News and Analysis (5/30/18)

Nikki Haley says, “No country would act with more restraint than Israel,” … with a straight face, but even “Donald Trump’s United States … faced with a caravan of 150 Central American immigrants camped on its border with Mexico” doesn’t shoot “them down in cold blood”:

MbS “doesn’t apologize for … [having] massacred civilians in Yemen, kidnapped the prime minister of Lebanon and spent $450 million … on a painting while rounding up hundreds of people for alleged corruption. But … [he] is always willing to express remorse about” Islam:

Is the moral of the real-life Spiderman who scaled a wall to save a child inspiring or depressing? “It’s not enough for a Black man, in this case, a Black Muslim man, to be human. He had to be superhuman to be considered worthy of simply existing in France.But in thinking thus, France isn’t exceptional at all”:

The Ramadan “sign campaign originally started from … the Minnesota Council of Churches in 2016” and one local Muslim “said the signs make her feel more included in her community, and even help her own children feel more confident growing up there” adding, “As I drive up to my driveway it brings tears of joy”:

John “Guandolo also made clear that he doesn’t oppose theocracy; he’s just against Islam. ‘The founders understood that our leaders should be Christians,’ he said … [arguing] that there should be no separation of church and state, and that Texas and other states should consider requiring elected officials to profess Christian beliefs”:

“[G]reater freedom to discuss ideas, create spaces for debate and establish … non-governmental groups [has seen both] fatwas … against child marriage [and] sexual violence … [and] also … stronger assertions of Islamic religious identity and” rising extremism at the expense of local tradition: and native tolerance:

The court sided with Belgian bureaucrats over the free market solution to the free market’s solution to the spike in demand for halal meat during the Muslim high hokiday:

“[B]eautiful, blue-eyed, veiled Mennel was erased from one of France’s most successful talent shows. [She] became an unfortunate ‘mistake’ who had to be deleted from the public imaginary. [Her] evacuation from The Voice … has become an important, and much commented upon, illustration of France’s treatment of its Muslim minorities”:

“Lewis was ideally suited to provide a scholarly veneer to plans to invade Iraq in 2003. A war that could not be waged on the strength of facts or international law was justified with rhetoric and pseudo-intellectualism”:






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