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News and Analysis (10/3/18)

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2018

The village name is Khan al-Ahmar. Sing it out loud to the tune of “Anatevka“:

Iranian foreign ministry spokesman Bahram Qasemi denied Iranian involvement in the attack, calling it a plot “designed by those who want to damage Iran’s long-established relations with France and Europe”:

… but Iran did take credit for a “missile attack … in Syria … [that] killed 40 ‘top leaders’ of Islamic State … in retaliation for an attack on a military parade in Iran on Sept. 22 that killed 25 people, nearly half of them members of its Revolutionary Guards”:

“When I visit these places of worship, I do not go to their prayer hall or take part in the prayer sessions. It’s funny that previously when PAS members used to come with me, this was not wrong”:

“Iran’s capital market regulator … has started work on a new structure for domestic Islamic financing it believes will stimulate capital market activity … weeks after the emergence of a power struggle within Iran’s ruling elites over how best to respond to US sanctions” …

… while analysts puzzle over the rail’s rally, with explanations that include “a new policy allowing the Central Bank to intervene more strongly to support the rial and providing for the import of more foreign currency from abroad”:

“Palestine directed the ICJ to multiple UN General Assembly and Security Council Resolutions affirming the special international regime that applies to Jerusalem and calling on member states to refrain from recognizing Jerusalem as Israeli territory”:

The man was “convicted of setting the fire that injured seven people. But his punishment appears to have everything to do with what he did to the building, but nothing to do with what he did to the people in it” causing a relative of the victims to lament, “It would have been less insulting just to acquit him”:

AI alleges that the killer “sought help many times from the authorities about her violent husband and alleged that her brother-in-law had raped her repeatedly” but that authorities tortured her and “ignored her and failed to provide her with any support as a victim of domestic and sexual violence”:

Ironically Rene Saheb’s “on-going exploration of the Islamic Republic’s most revered narratives … was triggered in 2012 by depression after her US visa application was rejected, despite being accepted at a prestigious New York art school”:

“[N]ew charges include premeditated murder, attempted murder, beating to death and possession of unlicensed weapons, MENA reported”: