Month: February 2023

  • News and Analysis 2/6/23

    The genocide continues: West Bank: Israeli Forces Kill Five Palestinians in Jericho Raid (Middle East Eye) Palestinians Mourn the Death of 26-year-old Abdullah Qalalweh (Middle East Eye) Israeli Forces Kill Palestinian Father of Newborn with a Bullet to the Chest (Israel-Palestine News) Only Hebrew speakers are allowed gun permits, but that doesn’t stop the flow […]

  • News and Analysis 2/3/23

    “Let us be very clear. The Republican attacks on Ilhan Omar have nothing to do with keeping Jews safe. Nothing. This is about … sending a threat to leaders who speak out for Palestinian rights” — Jewish Voice for Peace Action: GOP House Members Oust Ilhan Omar from Foreign Affairs Committee (Mondoweiss) “The kinds of […]

  • News and Analysis (2/2/23)

    “Why launch a devastating incursion, targeting militants yet harming countless civilians, when that method has been proven to exacerbate rather than contain violence?” Because that is result Israel desires: The Myth of the ‘Cycle of Violence’ (972 Magazine) Israel: Collective Punishment Against Palestinians (Human Rights Watch) Palestinians Face Removal as Far-right Israel Vows Expansion (AP) […]

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