(6/20/14) News and Analysis

Sara Harvard responds to the question, “Can you tell me who the head of the Muslim peace movement is?” by noting, “there are numerous Muslim organizations that dedicate themselves to peace, non-violence, and interfaith and cross-cultural partnerships”:

Councillor claims that she “doesn’t mind Muslims praying in Bendigo, but can’t think of a proper location for a mosque, however, argues that a mosque would ‘overthrow the Australian Constitution, increase violence in the region and see an influx of Islam believers “descend” on Bendigo'”:

“Islam’s solution to stop violence against women is … [for] men to safeguard their chastity, treat women with equality, take ownership over their own behavior, and respect a woman’s body and right to self-determination;” in the Prophet’s (pbuh) words advising gentleness with women, “Mind the crystal”:

Research shows that identifying with a religion can be a problem when searching for a job, especially for Muslims who” faced the sharpest discrimination with 38 percent fewer emails and 54 percent fewer phone calls to the voice mailboxes set up by the researchers” :

As ISIS takes over one of the biggest oil refineries in Iraq…

Iraq Battles Militants For Key Oil Refinery In Beiji (NPR)

… Obama announces that the U.S. is ready for “targeted and precise military action” against the ISIS but “troops will not return to Iraq” …

… but “U.S. intervention, already once disastrous, can only delay the day when Iraqis must deal with each other again. We cannot fix it…. The U.S. already destroyed the political, economic and social infrastructure of Iraq, turning it into an anarchic free-for-all of every clan for itself”:

Although Obama is urging the Iraqi PM Nouri Al- Maliki to bring the country together, while US lawmakers call for Al-Maliki to step down, Al- Maliki answer is that he will not quit his position:

The neoconservatives blame Obama’s administration for the current security issues in Iraq, claiming that the intervention in Iraq was the right action, and its Obama’s fault because ” he basically walked away from it,” still convinced that Saddam Hussein had nuclear weapons:




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