(6/22/14) News and Analysis

The multiple stabbing death of a Muslim student “has sparked threats of violent revenge on social media websites including Facebook and Twitter, which police officers are monitoring as part of the murder investigation”:

“Amnesty International described the verdicts as ‘the latest example of the Egyptian judiciary’s bid to crush dissent.’ There was no immediate reaction on the ruling from the Brotherhood, whose members are either in jail or on the run” …

… while “[h]undreds of disappeared Egyptians are being tortured and held outside of judicial oversight in a secret military prison, according to Guardian interviews with former inmates, lawyers, rights activists and families of missing persons”:

Israel’s response to the kidnapping of three civilians is to murder a thirteen year-old:

Britain’s most prominent Muslim organization announced “a new drive to tell its followers that female genital mutilation is contrary to Islam and should be shunned to save girls from serious damage to their health” and that one of the basic principles of Islam that followers shouldn’t harm themselves or others:

A critic of the extremist Buddhist group behind the recent violence “has been found beaten and unconscious near Colombo…. Wataraka Vijitha Thero was found undressed and with numerous cuts on his body in the district of Panadura” :

As ISIS takes more of Anbar, there are some voices worth listening to:

Local Muslims say the young Welch convert appearing in hirabist recruitment video was radicalized online to join hundreds of others recruited by ISIS:

Tensions rise as thousands of Shias loyal to Muqtada Al Sadr, parade through the streets. Muqtada called for a military parade across the country, meanwhile, the ISIS militias continue to advance as more and more Shia Iraqis volunteer to fight back after a call from Sistani:

Hamid Al- Bayati, the former Iraqi representative to the U.S. Al- Bayati explains that in the past, Iraq’s ethnic groups lived in peace and harmony.






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