News and Analysis (7/15/14)

Hamas’s inability to halt the impotent rocket barrage while it debated whether or not to accept the Egyptian proposed cease-fire allows Netanyahu to launch at least five Israeli airstrikes just as he makes the announcement blaming Hamas for his continuation of the predominantly civilian massacres:

Muslims are to boycott the White House Annual Iftar dinner on Monday over Gaza, and the government’s silence towards the Israeli airstrikes when “committing a massacre in Palestine with the possibility of an all-out ground assault”:

Over 100 Imams in the UK signed their names in an open letter, advising British Muslims to continue their support to the Syrians but in a ” safe and responsible way” and only from the UK:

In his own words, Wiremu Curtis, who now goes by the name of Haroon, “left violent gang life for a life of peace.” yet, the government decided to cancel his passport after he converted to Islam and “went from patched gang member to devout Muslim”:

Arabs and Muslims in the US still face bias and prejudice today, thirteen years after 9/11 attacks. The fear of Muslims and American Muslims “”It has spilled over to the political arena and gotten worse.” said Jack Shaheen:

The young Pakistani activist Malala has made a statement, appealing to the release of the abducted Nigerian girls. saying that Boko Haram is “misusing the name of Islam” …

… and a Nigerian imam says, “It is now time for us as Muslims to let the world know that the destruction going around across the world today has either some political or economy connection. We as Muslims know that it is the Sunnah of the holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) to always love our neighbours”:

In Malaysia, “The Deputy Prime Minister said the teachings in the Quran could make Malaysia a respected Muslim country if they were fully understood and incorporated into the lives of the people”:

In efforts to stop emergence of jihadist groups in North Africa, France has decided to send troops to the Sahel region of North Africa, to counter Islamic insurgency:

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