News and Analysis (7/20/14)

From London to New Zealand, from Libya to the Vatican, public expressions of solidarity with and concern for the people of Gaza …

… while in France, protests violate a city wide ban on pro- Palestinian demonstrations, and peaceful demonstrators were met with ” teargas and Tasers”; while some were injured, others were arrested …

… and Nelson Mandela’s 1990 remarks remind us that the root problem is apartheid, “We identify with them…because we do not believe it is right for the Israeli government to suppress basic human rights in the conquered territories” …

… and the Hamas chief says, “the US president and his administration’s officials have tied their own hands with illogical laws that prevent them from having direct contacts with Hamas, which hasn’t made any act of aggression against America. Those laws don’t serve America’s interests”:

A survey conducted by the Pew Project using a “feeling thermometer” to see Americans feelings towards the different religious groups, where Muslims and Atheists ranked in ” The cold area” :

Islam recognizes the importance of equality between all humanity, without any distinctions, including rights to life, women’s rights and individual’s rights:

In Burma, about “140,000 minority Rohingya Muslims who have been forced to live in camps where disease and despair have taken root” are underrepresented in the media:

An immigrant Muslim- Moroccan girl scores the highest marks on examinations, is named France top high school student:

“What is being done by the Daesh terrorist gang against our Christian citizens in Ninevah province, and their aggression against the churches and houses of worship in the areas under their control reveals beyond any doubt the extremist criminal and terrorist nature of this group” …

… “the order was issued after Christian leaders failed to attend a meeting called by” IS in a letter saying “that Christians must either convert to Islam, pay a tax on non-Muslims known as jizya, or give up their possessions and leave the city. Failure to do so would result in a death penalty, ‘as a last resort’” …

… meanwhile, the UN issues a report accusing IS (a/k/a ISIL) of crimes against humanity, “focused on a range of violations committed against civilians”:

Muslims fro Tulsa to Singapore are feeding the hungry during their month of fasting:

” Assets of Islamic banks grew at an average rate of 17% per year between 2008 and 2012… However, usury or riba is also prohibited under sharia law so in principle banks cannot charge fees or interest for money lending”:







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