News and Analysis (7/25/14)

If Israel thinks its offensive will further divide the Palestinian people, it is having the opposite effect, bringing Palestinians with political differences together where “there is one value that unifies the entire Palestinian people: resistance, by any means necessary” ..

… and if Israel thinks its hypocrisy about peoples’ right to defend themselves will further divide American Muslims from American Jews it is in for a very big surprise indeed as Jews and Muslims rally separately for a common end:

An astronaut captures a photo of Gaza at night that he describes as the ” saddest photo yet” where it shows explosions and rockets over Gaza:

The UN’s top humanitarian official, Valarie Amos described Israel attack on UN school as “The blatant violations of international humanitarian and human rights law have been pointed out very clearly by the UN’s commissioner for human rights …

… but as the civilian death toll rises over 800, Israel rejects a cease fire proposals, “because it did not let Israel carry on hunting down Hamas’s tunnel network that criss-crosses the Gaza border,” i.e., continue the siege …

… meanwhile, a “Day of Rage” erupts in the West Bank against the offensive in Gaza led to clashes with the Israeli forces, when one Palestinian was shot dead as thousands demonstrate after more than 15 women, children and United Nations staff were killed and around 200 injured when a UN shelter” …

… and “[g]lobally in the last week alone, actions in solidarity with Palestine have taken place in Glasgow, Scotland; Vienna; Ahmadabad, India; Madrid; Seoul, South Korea; Jakarta, Indonesia; Beijing; Sydney; Tokyo; Paris; Valparaiso, Chile; Ankara, Turkey; and many, many more” places …

… yet the tragic situation in Palestine is farcically covered by Fox News’s Sean Hanity, who shouts at a Palestinian guest speaker who asks ” do I actually get to speak now?” As you might expect, he didn’t get to speak …

… and Brazil is the second country to recall its ambassador from Israel after the start of the Gaza war, while Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor insults Brazil,comparing the war on Gaza to the disproportionate football game where Brazil lost 7-1:

Claiming to be imposing Islamic values, ISIS expands it oppression, forcing Muslim women to wear the veil and only walk when accompanied by a male guardian:

Years after “W” left office, and redundant with the Constitutional mandate that only Congress can declare war, the House now resolves, “The President shall not deploy or maintain United States Armed Forces in a sustained combat role in Iraq without specific statutory authorization”:







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