News and Analysis (8/11/14)

Iraqi prime minister Nouri Al-Maliki is to be replaced by Haider al- Abadi, who was nominated by the Shia coalition parties to form a new government …

… but Iraq’s problems are far from over:

ISIS continues targeting the Yazidis and Christians, who are fleeing to mount Sinjar, while the RAF aborts its humanitarian aid during night, in fear that people could be injured by the cargo:

Two ” sworn enemies” of the Muslim Brotherhood, President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi of Egypt and Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah, meet together to discuss militant Islam in the Middle East:

“[A]nti-terrorism laws will be given a bad name if they result in avoidable restrictions on the ability of NGOs to conduct vital humanitarian and peace building operations” said David Anderson on Muslim bank account cancellations in the UK:

In the Central African Republic, the first Muslim prime Minister Mahmat Kamoun was rejected by Seleka, a mainly Muslim group:

Lady Warsi predicts “Cameron’s neglect of ethnic minority voters would cost him an outright victory at next year’s national election”:








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