News and Analysis (8/16/14)

“One of the most influential tribal leaders said he was willing to work with Shi’ite prime minister-designate Haider al-Abadi provided a new administration respected the rights of the Sunni Muslim minority that dominated Iraq under Saddam Hussein”:

I’m frustrated because for years, Muslim[s] … have endured our interfaith sisters and brothers, as well as media and politicians, telling us that we don’t denounce terrorism done by Muslims. Even though Muslim organizations, leaders, lay people have all … condemned terrorism … consistently since 9/11″:

As the United Nations declared the highest humanitarian level of emergency. the US found fewer people and better conditions on Mount Sinjar than expected, “partly because thousands had left the mountain each night over the past days”:

… and as a result, “the Pentagon announced on Wednesday night that there was no longer any need for a risky rescue effort, as days’ worth of US air strikes and Kurdish-led exfiltration efforts had permitted most of the Yazidis chased up the mountain to escape”:

France and Britain are ready to arm the Kurds. Could this mean Kurdish independence and the division of Iraq? The decision came after the United States abandoned a rescue mission at Mount Sinjar…”The decision to agree to such a request highlighted Britain’s concerns about the challenge of defeating Isis forces”:

As the world watches Iraq closely, the regional war in the Middle East between the Sunnis and the Shia’s predicts an inevitable division of the country and redrawing of the Sykes- Picot lines:

… the new Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al Abadi said in a statement that “he is committed to fighting corruption and uniting the Iraqi people in the face of terrorism”, but most importantly, to call for the unity of Iraq:

Invading Iraq was a mistake now the West refuses to recognize. All the countries who led the invasion promised ‘ “stable, democratic, federal, parliamentary, prosperous Iraq”‘:

Iraqi leaders say they are incapable of defeating ISIS alone, and “believe it will take a broader effort backed by U.S. airstrikes to dislodge militants in Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city, and parts of western Iraq”:

Anbar, the Western province of Iraq, took up arms against ISIS militants… “The current effort could potentially be a major turning point in Iraq’s two-month conflict against an ISIS-led offensive”:

Hamas, Gaza’s dominant Islamist group, wants an Israeli-Egyptian blockade on the coastal enclave lifted, as well as the establishment of a seaport and airport, as part of any enduring cessation of hostilities with the Jewish state”:


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