News and Analysis (8/18/14)

The seaport and the airport destroyed by Israel are symbols of the sticking points in the negotiations:

A Saudi ambassador insist that his country’s puritanical and intolerant version of Islam is not a unique interpretation of Islam, but the true religion; he thinks this exclusivist claim will distance the state from the terrorists:

Some say that the prerogative of Israel is to be exclusively a Jewish State.… Protesters swarmed the wedding of a Muslim man and a Jewish woman, shouting hateful slogans and calling the Jewish woman “a traitor” after she converted to Islam:

The British officials fear that their “findings will contradict the position on the group taken by Britain’s allies in the region, including Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE)”:

“Muslims are once again pressured to condemn and distance themselves from any association to the term Caliphate, as if the default position (or assumption) is that Muslims support ISIS unless they condemn them”:

A Muslim community condemns racist acts of Vandalism in a grave yard… The “uprooted headstones, trampled on flowers and kicked over memorials in a ‘heinous and senseless’ crime” said the police:

As Muslim Cadets serve their country Australia; “teenage girls wear black headscarves under their camouflage caps, and boys have full, dark beards” …

… the Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbot, met with Muslims leaders in Sydney to negotiate the counter terrorism laws “to explain the proposed crackdown – which has been criticized by some Muslim groups”:

“According to the draft law, the Autonomous Government of Bangsamoro … will have more autonomous powers, particularly regarding politics and the economy, as well as “more territory, outside of and adjacent to” the current Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao:

“[T]he organization now finds itself engaged in a war against ruthless Sunni militants from the rugged mountains of east Lebanon and across Syria to the borders of Iraq and Iran that is slowly transforming the way Hezbollah sees its military role”:






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