News and Analysis (12/12/14)

What are they stealing from mosques? “Starting next year authorities will install centrally monitored cameras in every mosque to record what goes on inside. The move is ostensibly meant to prevent theft and regulate energy use, but few doubt the real intention is to tighten the state’s grip on Islam”:

Islamophobia in France’s National Front Party led to the suspension of Maxence Buttey, “an elected member of the municipal council of Noisy-le-Grand, a suburb of Paris” after announcing his conversion to Islam:

Although many Muslim Scholars and Muslim nations are working to counter radicalization, the Western World is not paying attention to them:

As far fetched of an idea as it is, “Israeli writer AB Yehoshua … said Europeans should consider admitting Palestine and Israel into the European Union if both sides settle on a stable peace agreement”:

They strangle Mr. Abu Ein, and then insinuate Palestinians  caused his death by taking him to a hospital instead of letting Israelis come to his aid; it’s like bombing children and blaming it on Hamas:

Islam and Christianity are two different religions, but what they share may be more than what they differ on. “Mary is so important in Islam that the faith’s holy book, the Quran, has a chapter (called a sura) named after her. She is one of the few people mentioned by name in the book”:






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