New and Analysis (12/13/14)

As the anti- Muslim demonstrations continue on Germany, Chancellor Merkel condemns it “saying via an aide on Friday that there was ‘no place in  Germany’ for hatred of Muslims or any other religious or racial”:

The propagandist who “tweeted almost exclusively in fluent English, courted the interest of academics and journalists covering the war, and developed a following among analysts, journalists, and jihadi wannabes” turns out to be “a Walter Mitty without the charm”:

“Muhammad [pbuh] … would have loved Canada ]because] Canada’s multicultural ‘just society’ represents the highest aspirations of Muhammad’s city-state of Medina, and Canada’s egalitarian values align perfectly with the highest values of Islam” – Canadian Muslim Leader Dr. David Liepert:

Maybe Muslims are not outraged by the CIA torture revelations because the have already been treated that way by Israel and their own governments for a long time:

While Islam elevated the status of women in society, made them leaders, business women, and masters of their own selves, ISIS enslaves women and treats them like objects for the sake of pleasing men:

The “list of 75 ‘specific signs’ that might indicate a Uighur was a ‘religious extremist’ … included [not only] … wearing veils, reading religious books or abstaining from alcohol … [but also] [s]elling land, sheep or oxen without cause … [as] a sign … that someone might be planning a suicide attack”:

At a French School, Muslim children are forced to go ” meatless” after the Mayor Marcel Mortreau refused to introduce a substitute for pork in the school lunch menu. ‘He bases his decision on the “principle of Republican neutrality”’:

Israel dismisses and bans and labels Islamic Relief as “a terrorist organization” for helping the Palestinians. “Two days after the ban was announced the charity’s West Bank offices were raided. Computers were smashed, files taken and the office safe blown apart” …

… while a “bill that called on Denmark to recognize Palestine as a state was shot down in parliament as expected on Thursday. But despite the no vote, the foreign minister nonetheless suggested that Denmark could be a step closer to recognizing a Palestinian state”:

Who is funding terrorist organizations in the Middle East? “Islamic State initially relied on wealthy private donors in the Middle East keen to oust Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad.” Now they also obtain money by ransom and selling crude oil:






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