News and Analysis (12/17/14)

“[T]here are [monsters] in every country, and there are some in this country. Our obligations are to deal with some of the warmongers we have here and the infractions of our liberties here at home. But there is no moral obligation, there’s no constitutional authority, and there’s no practical advantage for us [to go abroad]”:

Man Haron Monis is a “damaged good” as described by his doctor, so “[t]here is no point in trying to place him,  as some have attempted, in an overarching discourse of Islamist terrorism and history, because he was plainly not a terrorist but a mentally disturbed individual and serial sex offender”:

As the anti- Muslims demonstrators take the streets, the German Chancellor Angela Merkel warned that the protesters are being exploited by the organizers of these protests and there is “no space for hate campaigns and slander”:

Cheney is giving up politics to become a doctor: ‘Cheney said sticking pureed hummus, pasta and nuts up a detainee’s anus was “done for medical reasons,” and he said, repeatedly, that “waterboarding is not torture”’:

“This is a serious matter, and we don’t want to escalate the crisis, but at the same time [we] condemn the forcible conversions” — Maulana Khalilur Rahman Noorie, general secretary of the Association of Imams:

“Austria’s Muslim organizations said the government violated the rights of an estimated 600,000 Muslims in the country after officials sent a proposed law, dubbed the ‘Islamic Bill,’ to parliament without first consulting the Muslim community”:

“The latest escalation comes days after Houthi leader Abdel-Malek al-Houthi delivered a strongly worded speech … [accusing] President Hadi of harboring al-Qaida and leaving the country infested with corruption. Opponents of the Houthis … accuse them of being a proxy for Shiite powerhouse Iran”:

Who would have thought that fashion could unite Muslims and Jews? “A&F has brought American Muslims and Jews together…Nathan Lewin, the lawyer for these Jewish organizations, explained to the Los Angeles Times, men and women in the orthodox Jewish communities have also faced discrimination”:






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