News and Analysis (12/30/14)

In Philadelphia, Muslims organize a rally against racism. “Rally leaders decried those killings and said demonstrators were focused on improving policing practices and police-community relations, not on protesting against police per se”:

After a Muslim leader denounced the Ahmadis on a popular Pakistani television talk show, “Luqman Ahmad Shehzad was shot in the back of the head near Bhiri Shah Rehman village, a small community of Ahmadis in the Gujranwala district” …

… but in Britain a talk show host who described Lebanese men as “idiots” who hated “our country and heritage” pays the price of his fighting words:

Hindu militants have forced the invalidation of the marriage of two consenting adults on a technicality:

“When it comes to Muslim women, it’s still all about what we wear – and the last 12 months only serves to confirm this sad state of affairs. What we say, our achievements, opinions and self-determination continue to be brushed aside” …

… and women who wear the hijab or the niqab are more likely to experience hate- crimes than men, and the rate of the crimes is on the rise, “TELL MAMA, a national project measuring anti-Muslim incidents, has told Sky News that over the last 18 months they have seen a 5-10% increase”:

“None of the claimed long term objectives for the war in Afghanistan, either from the Bush or Obama administrations, have been achieved.”:

The country’s vice president claims it is. The evidence suggests otherwise:

John Kerry will no longer use the term “Islamic State” to describe Daesh. The idea is ‘to distinguish between Islam and the Islamic State. As French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius explained, “I do not recommend using the term Islamic State because it blurs the lines between Islam, Muslims and Islamists”’:

What does Obama have in common with Winston Churchill?

In the Holy Land of Palestine where Jews, Christians and Muslims lived for many years, Palestinians celebrate Christmas, where people like Saleh Murtaja, “the owner of Hadayana gift shop, said he has sold many Christmas trees to both Christians and Muslims this year”:







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