News and Analysis (6/10/15)

Zach Hunt asks Christians to imagine how they would feel were people to use the actions of a few extremist to represent the whole faith:

The ban has sparked debate nationally and internationally. Among the skeptics of the ban is Ayesha Akhtar: “’As much as I dislike burqas and niqabs’ she said, ‘the idea of a government banning burqas makes me cringe'”:

Since the AKP lost their majority, the future of the country’s foreign policy is unclear. President Erdogan’s quest to spread to make the AKP a model for political Islam throughout the region may now change as well as the nation’s relationships to Syria, the Islamic world, and USA:

For several years, the Syrian city Aleppo has been a battleground for the rebels and the Syrian government. With Daesh (ISIS) advancing around the city, and the Syrian government intensifying the battle against the rebel forces, there is concern that Daesh will eventually be able to take over the city.

In Australia, there is a “growing chorus of criticism by some government ministers and backbenchers, legal experts and community groups, over attempts to increase executive powers to revoke citizenship of suspected terrorists”:

The “human rights group Reprieve said two witnesses who implicated Bahadur had since recanted, saying they were tortured”:

“[T]he actions of the authorities have only highlighted their desperate attempts to create a criticism-free zone around the games” — Denis Krivosheev, Amnesty International’s deputy director for Europe and Central Asia:

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