News and Analysis (6/16/15)

Former minister Hamid calls Tuesday’s death sentence against Morsi a “nail in the coffin of democracy” and Western diplomats criticize it for the risk it will turn Egypt’s first freely elected President  into a martyr, which could lead to an armed conflict …

… yet the U.S. continues its support of the regime even as the rising number of “disappearances” in the country is reminiscent of fascist Argentina:

Since the January attack on the satire magazine Charlie Hebdo, there has been a rise on attacks on the Muslim community. The PM Manuel Valls took the opportunity at a conference to point out that Islam and extremism are not connected:

A Muslim leader’s proposal to provide Frances’s 5 million Muslims with prayer space is opposed by far-right politicians, but welcomed by Christian ministers:

While still grieving, family of 17-year-old ISIS suicide bomber points out that “Isis did not represent Islam or Muslims ‘in any way, shape of form'” …

… Lady Warsi “urged ministers to reach out to Muslim communities rather than disengage with groups as she said they have been doing for the past seven years”:

Scott Shane portrays the Muslim community in Boston – their fear of further stigmatization of Muslims, the conflicts within the community, and the prejudice in the public:

Since the sun is up for around 18 hours in UK and never sets in northern Sweden during the summer – fasting for Muslims can be very hard:

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