News and Analysis (6/17/15)

In a March 2015 TEDtalk, Trevor Aaronson revealed how the FBI manipulates mentally ill and poor Muslim-Americans to set up terrorist attacks…

…And another Muslim man was recently charged by FBI with conspiracy and transportation firearms with the intent to commit a felony:

What does it mean to be a Muslim in America today, with anti-islam rallies and an increase in hate crimes? Here answered by Linda Sarsour:

In Florida, a teenage “girl said she has been verbally and physically assaulted because she wears a hijab, or head scarf, to school” …

… while in Iran, “[o]ne Conservative analyst went on a website to suggest that if a women does not wear the hijab then if a men has sex with her against her will she cannot call it rape’:

Islamic Circle of North America aims to spread the peaceful message of Islam by billboards reading “Kindness is a mark of faith,” and “Muhammad believed in peace, social justice, women’s rights” …

… “I wanted to protect America and fight the ‘bad’ Muslims…. [Yet, i]t was Islam and not Christianity that re-opened my heart and mind to God. Witnessing the sincerity and dedication Muslims had for other human beings enriched my spirituality in a way that I did not think was possible”:

British Muslim group argues that the government has to engage with the Muslim community in order to combat radicalization:


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