News and Analysis (6/23/15)

Some of the most brutal regimes in the Middle East have been secular, while some Islamic parties have been promoting democracy, rather the “struggles are between progressive democratic visions … and authoritarianism, whether secularist or religious”:

A story that ISIS hanged two teenagers for eating during Ramadan – a month of altruism and spiritual purification – is corrected to state the boys were hung from a beam by their wrists, while rumors that the terrorist state has ordered female genital mutilation appears to be baseless propaganda:

While 60 million people are displaced worldwide, Islamophobia and anti-immigrant sentiments are increasing in EU, now taking further steps towards toughening its boarder controls as well as deporting more refugees:

Myanmar’s prosecution against Muslims continues, with a group of powerful Buddhist monks now proposing a ban on hijab for school girls, likely resulting in depriving Muslim girls of their education:

Zehra Naqvi on interfaith conversations between American Muslims and Jews, and why it is important:

The dual standard of treating the violence of white supremacists as individual acts of evil or insanity while treating violence by often dark-skinned Muslims as a manifestation of religiously or ideologically motivated zealotry is in-itself racist:

The coincidence of Ramadan with Gay Pride month sees Wazina Zondon promoting her performance project, ‘Coming Out Muslim’, and professing, “Violence against sexual and gender minorities is not aligned with the Prophet’s example of love and tolerance in community”:

“Muhuri says it was placed on ‘terror suspect list’ after Garissa attacks because of its work exposing abuses by security forces”:






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