News and Analysis (6/24/15)

“Spoofing religious excess, hypocrisy and prejudice has been a staple of the show’s narrative. While ‘The Simpsons’ never hesitates to mock, its biting humor is intelligent rather than crude, informed by understanding rather than ignorance, and never characterized by meanness and denigration:

Contrary to public belief – since 9/11, right-wing extremists’ attacks have caused more deaths than Muslim terrorists in the US …

… And yet, in Britain, a “Pakistani politician and Sufi Islamic scholar” calls for state-dictated anti-radicalization lessons to be compulsory only for Muslim students:

“[T]he scaremongering that has accompanied ISIL’s emergence in Libya continues to obscure the bigger issue: Libya is a morass of competing groups […] Unless these groups come together and reach a genuine political compromise, Libya will remain held hostage, locked in a vicious cycle of violence and destruction”

After World War II, there were still a number of prosperous places with open immigration policies, especially for Europeans [including] Australia…. But the 21st century has brought far tighter borders, and strong anti-immigrant sentiment…. It doesn’t help that today’s refugees are far darker-skinned”:

“[P]ortrayals of us have ranged from ‘oppressed lady’ to ‘even more oppressed lady’” but there have been many women heads-of-state of Muslim-majority nations in recent decades, while the number of women heads of state of the U.S. so far has been — let us think a minute — oh yes, ZERO:






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