News and Analysis (6/30/15)

With atrocities being committed by Muslims against other Muslims, Nazir Afzal argues that Muslim communities need to change their attitudes and leadership to better reflect the communities, arguing “We need more women’s and young people’s voices to be heard” …

… such as the Muslim Women’s Council, which speaks out against ISIL, saying “There is absolutely nothing Islamic about IS” …

… and the teenage Nobel-winning advocate for female education who says, “If you want to change society – if you want to see change – you must step forward to bring change,” and who believes extremism happens when “people are not allowed to interpret the Qur’an in their own way”:

The AKP is deepening the divide between religious feminists and their secular counterparts. “This isn’t a problem with Islam,” Nebiye Ari says, “Islam has been interpreted by men for their own gains since the death of the prophet. We are looking for interpretations where women have more rights”:

“More should be done to convey how the story of Prophet Mohammed is also one of cooperation between the faiths, of compromise over battle and of constantly seeking peace and justice”:

The Shariah has no “position on homosexual desire” but defines marriage as “a contract … between a man and a woman.” Yet “many Muslims are willing to support the rights of other Americans to shape marriage according to their particular beliefs” expecting “their beliefs and relationships to be respected in return”:

Many expect that the recent death of general prosecutor Barakat and nine others will lead to more violence in Egypt – both by the government and Islamist militants:

The chaos created in Libya by Western intervention continues to flow over the border, now into Tunisia:

Conflict resolution analyst Ibrahim Sharqieh Frehat discusses the US role in the power struggle between ISIL and Al-Qaeda in Yemen. “The problem with the Americans is that they deal with the problems with the same tools – bombings. Weakening AQAP will only give way to Daesh to be born”:

The Israeli government plans to take over the church-run schools that educate Muslims and Christians, as a solution for slashing subsidies. This will likely deprive the Palestinian students of their educational freedom:


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