News and Analysis (7/6/15)

The first elected Muslim to Congress talks to Washington Post about Ramadan - “I think [Ramadan] makes me a better person, and anything that makes me a better person makes me more effective representing other people”:

While Israel continues to spread propaganda in support of occupation, Jonathan Cook argues that, when there is something wrong with the product – the occupation – it cannot be fixed by rebranding:

“While every bombed school and hospital was explained with the assertion that Gazan fighters were hiding among ‘human shields,’ we meet Gazan people in Blumenthal’s book who were literally held up as shields by Israeli soldiers who shot at Gazans from over their shoulders”:

One year after the Israel-Gaza war, Palestinians in Gaza still struggle to rebuild their lives …

… while in the West Bank, a witness told AP that the officer who killed a teen-age stone thrower “got out of his jeep and opened fire immediately, shooting even as al-Kusbah fled. Hospital physician Samer Saliba says al-Kusbah was shot in the face and back”:

In Egypt, people’s perception of Rule of Law is worse, the economy is declining, and national security is less effective – all since President Sisi’s undemocratic takeover …

… Unlike the past rent-seeking to line its own pockets, Fattah Barayez perceives that Egypt’s military has  taken what would be an even more sinister turn as it engages in capital-destruction in an effort to bolster the regime “in the construction of a new authoritarian order”:

“‘You don’t have to be Muslim to laugh, but you will be converted by the time you leave,’ jokes Zayid about the festival. Zayid’s TED talk about growing up in New Jersey as a Palestinian American with cerebral palsy was the most viewed TED session last year”:

Explosions at a restaurant and at the Yantaya Mosque, a mosque that preaches peaceful coexistence, kills 44 people:

Thorough outline of how the 7/7 bombings in 2005 affected Britain and the Muslim community, along with a disturbing poll of Britons attitudes towards Muslims:

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