News and Analysis (7/9/15)

“Andrew Harper, the UNHCR chief in Jordan, emphasized that countries involved had to figure out ways to keep the Syrian refugees productive[, saying,] “We do not want to warehouse the refugee population of four million”:

Thailand receives heavy criticism from UN and NGOs for sending back a group of Uighur Muslim refugees to China, where they risk prosecution for leaving the country illegally:

Russia vetoes the vote on calling the genocide in Srebrenica a genocide, calling it “not constructive, confrontational and politically motivated”:

An anti-radicalization movement is starting in UK; they want to “take the debate” and make sure there is a grass-root movement in addition to the questionable government initiatives …

… for “[b]y solely focusing on ‘Islamist ideology’ as a precursor to violent extremism … the British government will only create another generation of Muslim youth that will be further alienated and disenfranchised”:

After Snapchat posted a story from Tel Aviv, pressure from social media to show both sides of the conflict, and the wall, lead to today’s West Bank story:

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