News and Analysis (7/21/15)

Nathan Robinson points out the absurdity of the call to treat Muslim-Americans as the US treated Japanese-American during World War II, calling it a “racist disgrace that … left traumatic scars that last to this day”:

His Muslim missionary and theologian father taught him the hadith, “Loyalty to your country … is part of your faith,” so he sees “nothing Islamic” in the slaying of his comrades, “only the actions of a sick and twisted individual”:

Christians calling on Muslims to condemn terrorist attacks is problematic: it assumes there’s a inherent link between the two, it ignores Muslims who have condemned it, as well as Christianity’s own violent history:

He says the ban on Muslims does not extend to those who don’t threaten innocent civilians, but announcing the ban while standing in front of a Confederate battle flag could be dangerously inflammatory …

… considering that evangelist Franklin Graham’s statement that “[e]very Muslim that comes into this country has the potential of being radicalized” is an invitation to further radicalization into right-wing extremism:

“Campaigns like Reclaim … emerge and grow within an enabling environment where ideas that we once would have deemed unreasonable, intolerant and against our national character become mainstream”:

The true desecration of the memory of the Prophet (pbuh) and of the Qur’an is perpetrated by those who unleash fatal violence against people they dislike by accusing their victims of the self-same charges (no proof required):

As Cameron broadens the definition of extremism, a journalist and political commentator wonders , “[W]ill I be censored from the numerous platforms that I currently write for because of my religious and political views?”:

The fundamental right of religious freedom should not be violated because you are incarcerated. Still, Muslim prisoners of the Miami-Dade prison are denied Halal-food:

“Instead of banning the release of such videos, Baghdadi should have rather banned the crimes behind the scenes. But he has already justified the barbarism of his followers” – Ferid Hisso, Syrian politician and lawyer:






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