News and Analysis (7/22/15)

Alaa Murabit argues that “[t]hose who used religion to justify discrimination against women were using cultural standards, not scriptural standards” and calls for women to reclaim the religion …

…but French feminists are abandoning the cause of empowering women by buying into the new, changed notion of political secularism, now used to advance anti-Muslim laws:

One of the oldest examples of the Qur’an have been found at University of Birmingham, possibly transcribed by someone who met the Prophet in person, supports the standard text:

Obama talks about the Iran nuclear deal on the Daily Show, pointing out that the deal is better than no deal at all, but dodging Jon Stewart’s question on whom we are fighting in the Middle East:

In fear of militant Islamists, the UAE clamps down on freedom of speech:

“I’m sure Ford wishes OJ (Simpson) hadn’t driven a Bronco and Kraft wishes Jim Jones hadn’t poisoned the Kool Aid…. Obviously none of these … endorsed their actions, just as I do not endorse this heinous act”:

After arguing that presuming the “Big Bang”to an accident is more fantastical than presuming it to be an act of agency, physician Kashif Chaudhry finds himself kicked off of some atheist blogs on a false charge of proslytization:






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