News and Analysis (7/23/15)

While the holy Qur’an has been interpreted by patriarchal scholars and resulted in misogynist policies, there is nothing inherently misogynic in Islam, as modern feminist scholars are now working to show:

The Lebanese Muslim Association accuses the government’s new plan to prevent radicalization for being just a “box-ticking” exercise and a waste of tax money:

“Given that [the] technology [to suspend travel privileges] exists, there is no need for the US government to add powers that could end up stripping passports from citizens unnecessarily,” writes Patrick Weil:

Although Islam is the second largest religion in Russia, practicing it is difficult as authorities will not permit building of new mosques:

Here’s why the Iran deal is not like the Munich deal of 1938, and while it is not solving all problems the US and Iran has, it is a step in the right direction…

…which is also emphasized by Secretary of State, John Kerry, who defended the deal before Congress saying Iran already has knowledge of nuclear technology and “[w]e can’t bomb [nor] sanction that knowledge away”:

While Israel tries simultaneously to weaken Hamas and strengthen it to make them seem more like the “beheaders of Islamic State,” Israel continues to ignore Palestinians’ rights:

“The overtures to the Brotherhood included a visit to the kingdom by Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal, whose offices in Qatar were closed just in January at the Saudis’ behest”:

By 2050, the number of Muslims will nearly equal the number of Christians in the world, according to The Pew Research Center. In the United States, there will be more people who identify as Muslims than identify as Jewish”

After Chattanooga. the Muslim community is yet again called upon to condemn killings;  Zahra Billoo finds this counterproductive, since “we continue to associate ourselves with these crimes when we condemn them”:






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