News and Analysis (7/29/15)

Shutting down Muslims’ bank accounts over dubious accusations of terrorist links encourage extremism by “sending the message to law-abiding Muslims that they are excluded from simple privileges”:

As central Asian countries are trying to crack down on Islamist extremists, they continue to violate people’s rights regarding religious freedom:

The real importance of the Iran nuclear deal is that “at a crucial moment and without a shot being fired, the United States and Iran have come to a turning point away from an era of outright hostility”:

Qaradawi says that the victims of the Israeli occupation are no longer exempt from the ban on suicide bombings “since Palestinians are now able to hit Israel with rockets, missiles, and mortars, the use of suicide bombers”:

“‘God says, I have created you all different so that you can know one another and befriend one another and not despise one another” — Nadia Hassan, quoting the Quran:

Is he dead or alive? “This month, a written message from Mullah Omar suddenly appeared, to mark the Islamic Eid Festival”, saying that “peaceful interactions with the enemies is not prohibited” by Islamic law:

“Many … democratic leaders have rallied to the sides of Muslims in the community, condemning the actions of these two “members of the “Northern League party [which] has built a reputation for xenophobia”:







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