News & Analysis (06/21/2016)

Bahrain has revoked citizenship for Ayatollah Isa Qasim. He is accused of encouraging sectarian divisions. The Iranian Revolutionary Guards warned the response to this would be armed resistance:

The political rhetoric that blames Muslims for terrorism is “designed to distract the public’s attention from the root cause of the problem: continued U.S. interventionism in the Middle East and Afghanistan”, is inaccurate and further erodes the freedoms of American citizens:

“ISIS did not exist until Bush went into Iraq; ISIS would not have expanded into Libya and Africa if we (along with NATO) didn’t destabilize the nation”:

The Iranian government has arrested 10 persons allegedly connected to the Islamic State. The government says that the country been a target for terrorist plots, and that these individuals were planning on carrying out an attack:

The media widely referred to the Orlando shooting as the “worst mass shooting in US-History,” but the mass shooting at Wounded Knee was six times more deadly. That it was perpetrated by the government only makes it a more shamefully unjust taking of civilian life:

Attempting to reprimand a woman on a bus in Great Britain for speaking a “different language,” a man showed that he is not familiar with the languages of his own country:

“[M]any Americans have not been exposed to the positive messages of moderate Muslim organizations because they receive so little media coverage”:

The US is meticulously screening the prospective Syrian refugees. Though it promised 10,000, it is limited by the speed at which multiple agencies can process the applicants:

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