News and Analysis (6/24/16)

A mosque was destroyed in a village in Myanmar, belonging to the persecuted Rohingya Muslims. The president, Aung San Suu Kyi refuses to recognize the Rohingya as an ethnic group, nor call them by their preferred name:

A NYPD policeman dismissed from his job because of his “violation” of the department’s beard policy recently won his first amendment freedom of religion case in court:

The Civil War in Yemen is continuing with Saudi involvement in the fighting. The United States continues to support them because it prefers the devil it knows:

The killing of Jo Cox, British member of Parliament, illustrates, yet again, the hypocrisy following mass shootings/acts of terror. The media has taken pains to avoid calling him a terrorist, even though he was motivated to kill an innocent person by extremist political views:

“No fly, no buy” has been presented as a common-sense gun safety measure. However, upon closer inspection all it does is doubly-oppress those that have been placed on a “watch list” that is beyond appeal as neither its members nor its criteria are public:

“[O]nly through an equation combining respect for collective culture with individual freedoms and the demands of identity with the reality of pluralism, can Muslim societies hope to regain their lost equilibrium and stability”:

Why does Rachid Ghanouchi collaborate with a party “whose raison d’etre is to oust Islamists and restore secular governance”? Partly practical politics and partly because he thinks the notion of “political Islam” is “a Western concept”:

A Muslim woman in London, Canada had her hijab ripped off at a supermarket. Earlier this Ramadan, a bloody pig’s head in a gift basket was left at the steps of a mosque in Quebec:






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