News & Analysis (6/26/16)

Michele Flournoy doesn’t deny advocating military intervention, but only insists that she stopped short of boots on the ground”:

Historical context and analysis shows how America’s “cultural and demographic ignorance” explains why its decades-long political and military geopolitical engagements “exacerbate rather than diminish the region’s myriad difficulties”:

U.S. Law does not allow transfers to the prisoners’ own lands, so the government sends them to its Balkan allies instead:

Islam is the fastest growing religion in the U.S. and the world. These portraits challenge Islamophobia by providing a sampling of the diversity of American Muslims:

In making the accusation, the lawyer for the restaurant accelerates his campaign promoting the idea that merely being visibly Muslim is act aimed at destroying Western Civilization:

A preacher on Facebook accused a group of “radical Muslims” of rallying around a picture of Jesus decapitated. In fact, it was an image of Imam Hussain and the people were Shia Muslims celebrating Arbaeen, mourning the martyrdom of the Prophet’ Muhammad’s (pbuh) grandson:

“Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi declared victory in Fallujah over a week ago…. He pledged that remaining pockets of IS fighters would be cleared out within hours, but fierce clashes on the city’s northern and western edges persisted for days.”:

An immigrant from Afghanistan recalls how they were treated by their neighbor after two terror incidents in Norway. It shows how dangerous–and easy–it is to blame an entire group for the actions of few:

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