News & Analysis (6/27/16)

According to the author, the best model is a “[n]eutral, non-interventionist state…that guarantees individual freedom…” Furthermore, modernization is not the same as secularization, contrary to what some may think:

The state has no right to regulate the religious practice of people. However, a mostly-Muslim country should be aware that the Qur’an clearly states that those who are ill are exempt from fasting:

“The fatwa stated that a female-born transgender person having ‘visible signs of being a male’ may marry a woman or a male-born transgender with ‘visible signs of being a female’, and vice versa. However, it ruled that … [an] intersex [person] may not marry anyone”:

Masters Students are protesting the lack of jobs in Egypt, even though protests are not allowed. Their situation is worsened by a “bloated” and “labyrinthine” civil service bureaucracy. The Egyptian government may be “the single largest employer in the Middle East”:

Turkey’s resumed diplomatic relations with Israel and Russia may be a case of “practical realpolitik overriding ideological considerations” …

… since the only possibility of a coup against Erdogan lies in the possibility of mass public protests in response to further foreign policy blunders or excessive zeal in fighting Kemalist  laïcité:

A pastor criticizes the lack of religious tolerance from some Christians toward Muslims. The problem, he says, are “zealots,” presumably on both sides, who preach hate and mask the positive aspects of their faiths:

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