News & Analysis (6/29/16)

Turkey observes a national day of mourning after a heinous attack in Istanbul last night. Well over 200 people were injured above the 41 killed. Officials believe Daesh is responsible:

The popular conspiracy theory among Islamophobes that all Muslim organizations are fronts for the Muslim Brotherhood have made it to the Senate of the United States. The sheer boldness and stupidity of these claims never ceases to amaze:

In the United Kingdom, there has been a three-fold increase of public attacks on Muslims, mostly on women, usually those with hijabs. Social media seems to be a tool of radicalization for the attackers, who are usually mobs of teenagers:

The Swiss have strict rules of naturalization, based partly on the level of assimilation into the local culture. The refusal of participation in a compulsory swimming class resulted in a rejection of citizenship:

The Indian supreme court is seeking to bring equality to women by banning unjust practices in Muslim traditions. However, most, if not all, of these practices are already not in line with Islamic law, especially the Qur’an, which emphasizes just the gender justice they are seeking:

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