News & Analysis (7/14/16)

Sissi asked earlier this week for a “religious revolution.” It seems his idea of that entails everyone conforming to his ideas, and thereby erasing religious freedom:

The author realizes the Muslims and Hindus in India “have lived in a state of un-institutionalized apartheid for decades, even centuries:”

Reverend Tabbernee opposes of singling out Muslims, saying is the state of Oklahoma is concerned about radical ideologies, it should study the “17 hate groups that we know about in Oklahoma”:

On the anniversary of the largest massacre during the Bosnian genocide, the author looks at the lessons the West can take from the experiences of these indigenous European Muslims:

The Ahmadiyya community presents its “True Islam” campaign, consisting of 11 principles that differentiate it from extremism, in the Boston Town Hall:

“It would be easy to arrange a route through the Bitunia checkpoint … sparing visitors the exhausting long-short journey. But no. The disregard for the time of those you subjugate is also an integral part of the education and training of every Israeli prison guard”:

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