News & Analysis (7/18/16)

The investigation is still going on into the motives and background of the attacker in Nice. However, people in his community argue he was a bad example …

… But seeking to malign Islam as a whole is still falling right into ISIS’ trap…

… Furthermore, “the country’s colonial history in North Africa, its insistence on assimilation and the greater isolation of its Muslim communities” are factors that contribute to the violence:

Eager to avoid  becoming a “fundamentalist atheist,” Roy Greenslade insists, “Freedom-lovers should not seek to impose their preferences on others”:

Despite the nearly solid wall of disregard for Palestinian rights in American politics, Hillary Clinton has managed somehow to “run one of the most anti-Palestinian, pro-Israeli-aggression presidential campaigns in modern history — from either party”:

Young black Muslims discuss their experiences across identities: including double discrimination, and a lack of representation, even though they account for as much as one-third of Muslim-Americans:

The descendants of Lebanese immigrants to North Dakota, now mostly Christians, keep the memory of their forefathers alive by keeping a Masjid in the prairie, showing the long history of Islam in the U.S., and the religious freedom they faced:

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