News & Analysis (07/23/16)

Although the motives of the Munich attacker are still unknown, Munich’s police chief thinks a “link between the new attack and Friday’s fifth anniversary of [Anders] Breivik’s attacks in Norway is ‘obvious'”:

Though scores of civilians were killed, the US believes its bombing of ISIS targets to be worth it:

The Taliban has condemned, but ISIS has claimed, the deadly attack on the Hazara community in Kabul:

“The voting booth was simply the most feasible way to dismantle the postcolonial, secular systems that, in the eyes of their followers, had failed to bring justice or development to ordinary Muslims:”

The Sultan of Sokoto in Nigeria has reminded Muslims of the Qur’anic principle of no compulsion in religion, as well as that they should avoid fighting with anyone unless attacked directly:

The High Court in Lagos state, Nigeria has ruled that the legality of the wearing of hijabs in schools:

This author is of the opinion that Muslims need to take action against ISIS. Many other Muslims and Muslim organizations share this sentiment:




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