News & Analysis (7/25/16)

The latest terror attack in was carried out by an asylum seeker whose application was rejected last year. He has a history of suicide attempts:

Muslim-American votes will impact the 2016 Presidential elections …

… though only Libertarian Gary Johnson’s presence on every state ballot prevents the choice between Trump’s “blatant Islamophobia” and Clinton’s “structural Islamophobia” from being “a ‘lesser of two evils’ ultimatum”:

“Turkey is understandably concerned with public security at the moment, but no circumstances can ever justify torture and other ill-treatment or arbitrary detention” …

… “Erdogan’s authoritarianism is a real threat to the rule of law, but Turks’ desire to make a society that represents and includes them —  and their religion —  is not.”

An overview of some of the issues Muslims face, as well as some facts about the community:

The Prevent program in Britain results in paranoia on the part of young Muslims, of fear they will be reported as extremists:

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