News & Analysis (7/27/16)

Bill Clinton’s invitation for Muslims to join his cause assumes that they are not American and that many of them do not “hate terror”:

Gulen maintains that he is innocent and that the coup is contrary to his dearest principles and of the Hizmet movement:

“ISIL considers itself Islamic, of course. And yet Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has managed to violate not just the spirit but also the letter of nearly every Islamic prescription”:

Two Muslim women tried to join the French military to help protect their country, but had to remove their hijabs to enter the recruitment center. Only one of them complied, so only she enlisted:

A member of a persecuted minority sect, this Pakistani doctor’s life was threatened on the pretext that for he illegally using medicine purchased with Muslim charitable funds for a Christian, even though he reimbursed the cost:



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