News & Analysis (7/30/16)

“Constitutional law expert Nawfel Saied said the no confidence vote, although unprecedented in the country’s short history with democracy, was a positive point. Similar mechanisms exist in other parliamentary democracies”:

In missing the point of the strict scrutiny principle, Johnson adopts the unlibertarian position of allowing government to force people to violate their religion without demonstrating any compelling reason for doing so:

What was presented as a leak of Erdogan emails, instead included general AKP emails and the personal information of millions of women. The data has since been apparently taken down:

Non-English, Islamic terms (i.e. “Sharia”) are easy to manipulate in the minds of people, both by “Western elites who politicize Islamic terms and ideas and by the Islamic actors themselves”:

In a new deal for the political leadership of Iraq, Nuri al-Maliki will remain as Prime Minister, and Jalal Talabani as President:

Incompetence or indifference? Under  attack, the Islamophobia fighting Tell-MAMA organization finds the London police unhelpful:

In order to protest the hijab requirement in public in Iran, some men have worn the cover in a sign of solidarity:

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