News & Analysis (8/10/15)

Shahram Amiri’s mother believes he was pressured into admitting crimes he did not commit to the Iranian authorities, resulting in his hanging:

An analysis of the failed logic of the Libya bombings: the same process that brought ISIS into the region is being used to try and remove them:

The young man the media dubbed “clock boy” and his family have filed a lawsuit against the school district for the arrest, suspension and humiliation he faced for simply building a clock …

. . . The lawsuit was filed in the United States, as Ahmed and his family had been visiting their home from Qatar. Many are arguing that Ahmed lost his childhood due to this incident:

The killer of Mr, Shah, a beloved shopkeeper in Scotland, was sentenced to 27 years. The killer was motivated by Shah’s claim to be a prophet, and membership in the Ahmadiyya community:

An arrangement with her supervisor for a co-worker to “serve alcohol in her place” while she served another passenger worked until a new co-worker objected and complained about her “reading a foreign book”:

The choice of women who wear the burkini is again being vilified. However, the issue is much more complex than meets the eye:






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