News & Analysis (8/12/16)

In an attempt to appear more legitimate and organized, the government has released documents detailing its use of drones. It also shows that no new detainees may be brought to Guantanamo Bay:

A report shows that Muslim women, largely due to discrimination (especially in regards to the hijab), face the most economic hardship in Great Britain:

For the nth time, yet another analyst finds that “us-vs-them,” or just plain populist or Islamophobic rhetoric in the West significantly increases the appeal of extremism:

In order to make sure the economy is not set back by the coup attempt, President Erdogan is pressuring banks to lower their interest rates:

Mamout’s portrait was added to the gallery in order to complicate the narrative of American history, and to tell “different stories that haven’t necessarily been told, or have been lost”:

In order to clarify misconceptions about the religion, a Nashville mosque has made “Islam 101” classes open to the public. Aside from that visitors are always welcome:






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