News & Analysis (8/15/16)

Seventy percent of Daesh applicants rated themselves  as having a minimal knowledge of Islam and the “group preys on this ignorance”:

An Imam and his assistant were shot dead outside the mosque after prayers. The motives are not yet known:

A militant claims that some of the captured girls were “crippled, … terribly sick…. [or] died during bombardment by the Nigerian military,” as he stands “before a group of more than 40 young women in hijabs, some holding babies”:

“It is the latest example of long-running tensions between a forceful — some would say inconsistent — commitment to secularism in France and the desire of many Muslims to express, through their attire, traditional values like modesty”

There is a long, inglorious tradition of the British establishment claiming to take up the cause of Muslim women in order to conceal some other objective”:

The imam reminds those reading that terrorism is completely haram in Islam:

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