News & Analysis (8/20/16)

Judges in Guantanamo trials have an option to censor certain parts, but the CIA has done some remote censoring of ts own:

A man who was quoted condemning extremism, released a statement from prison maintaining that he was in fact an FBI informant and is innocent of the charges brought upon him by the FBI:

“As German politicians consider the ways in which the Muslim faith is organised, practised and taught in their country, … [the failed coup in Turkey has brought fresh complications”:

Those who know little about Islam are the ones who are most susceptible to the lies of ISIS:

Now, there will be a civil rights investigation into the repeated denial of Muslim requests to establish a cemetery in Dudley, MA who had their request repeatedly denied:

From media representation to burkini bans, Muslim women are being systematically Othered. The author shares how she feels about the strong Muslim women surrounding her:

“Before 1965, the Muslim American population was overwhelmingly composed of native-born African Americans. The dismantling of the Naturalization Act and immigration quotas opened the door … to more than 1 million in 1971”:







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