News and Analysis (6/14/17)

While Iranian women demonstrate for the right to bare their hair …

… Norway takes the choice of face veils away from women, offering instead fines for public wear, or expulsion from universities:

With the public siding with the antifa (anti-fascists–by 20-1 in Santa Clara), the police had to escort the white supremacists out when they decided it was time to go:

A billboard meant to divide, instead unites rabbis, ministers, Sikhs, and Islamic Leaders to condemn propaganda smearing Prophet Mohammed (pbuh):

Potential governor alienates more than 100,000 Muslims in Georgia by associating himself with Anti-Muslim Militia

Qatar favors the Muslim Brotherhood’s Progressive Islamism and slightly democratic ways, threatening the autocratic rulers of Saudi Arabia …

… who now threaten to deny pilgrimage obligation to those who won’t help it punish Qatar. Some countries give into the pressure, while others resist:

Court finds the ban not only unconstitutional, but a violation of immigration law that is “steeped in animus and directed at a single religious group” rather than serving national security:

US says Syria is the primary perpetrator of egregious human rights violations and fails to mention that they have killed hundreds of Syrian civilians in excessive US air strikes:

Qatari Foreign Minister “still had no clue” why Arab states had cut ties and Turkey agrees the Gulf and other Arab states are acting unreasonably:

Does the U.S. really want to align itself with Egypt, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Syria on this issue?






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