News and Analysis (6/17/17)

Yet another Afghan “insider attack” occurs in the face of more U.S. troops being sent to train Afghan soldiers   …

… and an Afghan lawmaker warns, “The security situation continues to deteriorate in Afghanistan and the foreign troops who are here are not making it better”:

“[T]o the extent US officials have shown interest in supporting ‘elements’ in Iran at all, it’s groups with long-standing links to terrorism like the Mujahedin-e Khalq”:

Visitors beware! Under the new Texas law a noise complaint can now turn into an immigration status “interrogation and potentially an illegal arrest”:

Although Abdi “has no criminal record, though his travel has been monitored and restricted in the past” and he may have been added to the no-fly list while out of the U.S.:

As 26 others were reported killed by insurgents professing loyalty to Daesh, three Christians were saved by a “prominent Muslim trader” who hid them in his basement:

At its inauguration Germany’s first “feminist mosque” attracted “more journalists that worshipers”:






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