News and Analysis (6/19/17)

“Washington said the jet had dropped bombs near US-backed forces but Damascus said the plane was downed while flying a mission against Isis militants”:

Islamic Finance Industry shaken after the UAE claimed Dana Gas Sukuk were non-compliant with Sharia Law, forcing the company to claim $700 million in debt invalid:

In England a man ran over the sidewalk to deliberately hit congregants leaving prayers …

… and in Virginia, a group of Muslim girls walking to breakfast after prayers were suddenly attacked, leaving one dead:

She came “to Cannes from New York to judge female-empowerment advertising” but instead was demeaned and harassed by a French bureaucrat:

Allies since 2014, Turkey not only provides humanitarian relief to Qatar, but is sending troops and establishing a Turkish base there (and vice versa):

A Minnesota women describes having to constantly look over her shoulder out of fear, and others abandon their headscarf because it makes them a more identifiable target:

Taliban loyal Afghan soldiers responsible for the recent “insider” attacks on U.S. military soldiers






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