News and Analysis (6/20/17)

Westerners have selective memories that forget the far more frequent terrorism of non-Muslims (and anti-Islamist Muslims):

Sen. Rand Paul says the other senators are “more concerned about the jobs the weapons manufacturers could generate than the lives of Yemeni children”:

In defiance to international law, Israel PM calls it an “honor” to illegally began building in the occupied West Bank:

Virginia police think Torres was motivated by road rage rather than religious hatred after one of the teens [he confronted] allegedly threw a drink at Torres’ vehicle”:

Robert Doggart was finally sentenced to 20 years for trying to find people online to help burn down his local mosque:

Quick to rant on Twitter over crimes by Muslims, the President has yet to make comments on the young Muslim girl who was killed near his present residence:

US Ambassador to Qatar tweets that the nation President Trump calls “a funder of terrorism at a very high level” is a strong partner in combating terrorism:






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