News and Analysis (6/21/17)

Although Israel continues to build new settlement illegally and clearly violate international law, the U.S. stands by them:

New researcher find what we’ve all already known, Muslims are in fact the most likely victims of terrorism worldwide:

US media selectively and misleadingly contrast the most misogynistic Muslim countries against the most egalitarian Western countries:

A  Qatari human rights activist says the Saudis are giving Qatari citizens fourteen days to leave the country, separating mothers from their children …

… and despite Trump’s backing Saudi claims that Qatar is a supporter and funder of terrorists, Defense Secretary James Mattis agreed to sell them 36 F-15 fighter planes …

… and the paucity of evidence behind claims against Qatar has the U.S.  Department of State demanding more details:

After risking his life to interpret for the U.S. military he expected help finding a job:

Charles met with the imam who protected the alleged attacker from “a crowd was about to descend on him” and obtained medical care for him and for the victims:

Nabra’s Christian friend who joined her fasting with her for Ramadan now joined the throngs mourning at her funeral:






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